Group Seven's blog, 2010/2011
Song: "Spectrum of a theory"

Group members:
Nick Allen
Tom Bassett
Frank Podmore
Marion Wyllie


We make our position clear.

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We're just going to write this is in the first-person plural, although in fact we are only one of us, because we can’t think of a better way of doing it. We recently absorbed into our membership two instrumentalists. Welcome to the hive mind.

We hear the rehearsal performance went well, and as we were there, we concur. Speaking as a single, non-contiguous performer, we feel we did a good job, and we reassure absent members of the group that we served our original purpose well. While it would have been lovely if we had turned up, we appreciate that we couldn't get the time off work (although we perhaps could have tried a bit harder), and that it's good that we have a job in this economic climate, unlike some of us!

On the whole, we have enjoyed the Voiceworks project and look forward to the public performance. One small proviso is that we object to being called Group Seven. We are not a number! We are several numbers!